Bursa Malaysia & Security Commission

Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad

provides, operates and maintains the Malaysian securities exchange. It is responsible for the surveillance of its Participating Organizations, the market place, as well as the enforcement of its listing requirements which spell out criteria for listing, disclosure requirements and standards to be maintained by public listed companies

Bursa Malaysia securities berhad closely supervises the business conduct of its participating organizations and their representation with aim to achieve their objectives which are – To ensure secure, fair and orderly trading environment through effecting monitoring and supervision. To ensure adequate protection of investors who engage the services of the brokers for trading. To effectively monitor the activities of brokers to ensure that they are providing secure and trusted services to investors

Security Commission

Its act as the single regulatory body to promote the development of the capital market and provides the regulation of, and advices the Minister of Finance on, all matters relating to the securities and futures industry

The SC statutory mandate was not merely to regulate but also to develop the capital market. Underpinning the above is the SC’s ultimate responsibility of protecting the investor. The SCA gave the SC regulatory and investigation powers with regards to compliance under the SIA (now repealed by Capital Market and Services Act – CMSA) and Securities Industry (Central Depositories Act) Act 1991 (SICDA)

In another word we are save to invest in Bursa Malaysia stocks with proper investing knowledge. Its better rather than we invest to an unknown investing company which not regulated.

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